Shell Eastern Chemicals (S)

Chinese Calligraphy demonstration cum workshop for Shell Eastern Chemicals (S) team building on 1st December 2011 held at The Screening Room, Singapore.

The participants were introduced to Chinese calligraphy with a brief and a demonstration. Explanations were given on the significance of Spring Festival Couplets and the single Chinese characters. The theme of the workshop is SPRING

Each person wrote the single Chinese characters of their choice. Then they formed three teams to write in concert different pairs of Spring Festival Couplets.

At the end of the workshop each person had their own personal writing beautifully framed to take home. Teams' couplets were brought back to their separate offices in their countries as souvenirs of their Gathering cum Team Building Workshop.

You do not need to know Chinese to write Chinese calligraphy. Have an interest to start to write and you learn the language while writing the art..